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diversity and acceptance

Radical self expression

Making Fetish play normal

BDSM, Voyeurism, Impact Play 

Foot Worship, and much more




The word fetish invokes a visceral reaction to many in the general public. The mainstream media negatively represents non-normative sexual desires, promoting the opinion that these acts are dirty. This fine art photography project works to reverse that perception by revealing the beauty in fetish and kink acts. Fetishscapes combines the flowing and sometimes abstract beauty of the Bodyscape portraiture style with raw, uninhibited representations of what many consider unorthodox practices.

Fetishscapes is a collection of images created by award-winning blind photographer Ted Tahquechi to support and promote education of kink and fetish communities worldwide. The images in this collection feature a diverse selection of professional and amateur models with a variety of body types. Fetishscapes photographically explores kink and fetish modalities from mild to wild with a focus on consent, body positivity, exploration, radical self-exploration, and education. Throughout this project, Ted has collaborated with his partner Studio Friction to create this compelling and important body of work.

All prints in the collection are limited to a maximum of ten, each of which are numbered and signed by the artist. Prints of these images will not be available for direct sale, rather they will only be available for charity auctions at upcoming fundraising events. All proceeds from this collection go towards supporting not-for-profit organizations that are sex and kink positive.

Please contact us if you would like to exhibit this collection in your establishment. We are currently booking shows through the end of 2022.