The Project

Fetishscapes is a collection of images that grew out of years spent studying light and the way it wraps and shapes the curves of the human form. We had the desire to create a body of work that juxtaposes the sometimes harsh fetish and kink activities with soft beautiful, sculpting light. 

We found the process of learning about the kinks and fetishes featured in Fetishscapes fascinating. In the research leading up to the start of this undertaking, We realized early on that relying on experts in the lifestyle who actively practice the fetishes we were looking to capture was a necessity. We believe there is a huge difference between hiring two models, then haphazardly and likely improperly, directing them to “do” an impact (whipping etc.) scene and inviting a couple who are in a dominant submissive relationship full-time to perform the same scene. We wanted the imagery in this collection to be as accurate and real as it is artistic and beautiful. Why fetish photography? because We think the negativity surrounding fetish play is misleading. The participants in these acts are not engaging in them without explicit consent.

Before we started this project, we held what we would consider general knowledge of the kink and fetish lifestyle, mostly what we had seen in movies and in media. After completing this project, we don’t see ourselves jumping into any particular fetish, the kink play didn’t “rub off” on us. It was great fun creating this work and meeting many people we are honored to call friends along the way.

We would like to stress the importance of education and acceptance when discussing play of this nature. We learned a lot while walking this road: first, learn about something before you pass judgement. If someone you know is into or wants to try a fetish or kink – let them. Realize that your aversion for their activities is your issue not theirs. Let other people be happy and do what makes them happy without judgement. Second, you may not think you identify as being a part of kink culture, but nearly all of us take part in Voyeurism in one form or another.

Voyeurism: the practice of taking pleasure in observing something private, sordid, or scandalous.

Without the participation and belief in this project from my partner Studio Friction, and all the fantastic volunteers from the Denver (and other areas) kink communities, Fetishscapes would not have become a reality. My deepest appreciation goes out to all the participants, especially those who were willing to step outside of their comfort zone and show their bodies for the sake of creating beautiful art – you are all truly amazing.”

It should be noted that consent plays a significant role in the lifestyle and was at the forefront of consideration when creating of this work. Everyone who participated did so with a full understanding of the roles they would play in the scenes when captured, and agreed beforehand to the situations they would participate in.